Family Life


Subscriptions for kids we have enjoyed

We have enjoyed a number of subscriptions as gifts. Included below is a list of some of the subscriptions we have received over the years. I also hope to grow...
Grace postcards

Paddington’s Postcards: Greetings from around the globe

Our darling Grace received a Paddington's Postcards pack for her birthday this year. What a great idea for a gift! The initial welcome pack included a welcome letter, a postcard...
Bissel cleaner hero

Love the convenience of owning a carpet cleaner

One of my absolute favourite household appliances is my shampoo carpet cleaner. I originally brought a Vax carpet cleaner about a decade ago and whilst it did get a good...

Seasons of life

I picked up a book at a bookstore that was about the seasons of life. This concept really grabbed me and I really do agree with this.  At the time,...
Height chart

DIY Wooden Growth Chart

I had been wanting a growth chart for a long time and finally I now have one. We have had all this Karri wood sitting out in the weather and...
Hand holding a blood glucose meter measuring blood sugar, the background is a stethoscope and chart file

Diabetic ketoacidosis

Hand holding a blood glucose meter measuring blood sugar, the background is a stethoscope and chart file And this is where is all begins. The immune...

Pallet Word Art

This was our first Pallet Word Art project! Our family scripture now features a prominent spot, reminding us 'Cheney's' of what's required of us. I love it!

Savings for puppy owners

Sweet Lil Osso When I was researching the cost of flea and worming treatment I actually found that online purchases saved me quite a bit. You...
puppy at door

Puppy Pics

Well, the pups are now nearly six weeks old and are really thriving. They started climbing out of the whelping box in the week so I've moved that out of...

Time Sure Flies With Pups

So, the pups are now five weeks old and growing heaps. They're a lot of fun and full of mischief. Many of them have worked out how to get out...
rosie with pups

Puppies Update

Great news today, I received notification from Dogs West that my prefix ROSIEGOLD had been accepted. Yipee:) All puppies now have wonderful homes to go to. I only put my...
pups 1 wk copy


We have PUPPIES!!! Seven beautiful little pups were born over a week ago. Rosie, our delightful golden, did so very well. Noah and I were there together for the birthing...
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