Week 6 Poetry Workshop

Our focus POEM for week 6:

Can you see the wind? (author unknown) Read HERE

Annotation …

Last week the students learnt about some of the ways in which we can annotate poems. We reviewed this and together worked through annotating the poem ‘Can you see the wind?’

The four key activities for annotation we covered were:

  1. Highlighting unknown words and finding the meaning
  2. Selecting interesting words or phrases
  3. Asking questions, about the poem, its theme or mood
  4. Literary tools used


Words and their meanings:

Canal: tubular duct or artificial waterway that transports boats, ships, food, liquid or air.

Malice: the desire to harm someone

Cacophonous: having an unpleasant mixture of sounds

Lorries: a truck

Felled: to cut, knock or bring down

Ensuing: taking place as a result

Furies: wild or violent creatures tormenting

When I blew the golden trumpet

The poem ‘When I blew the golden trumpet’ by Pie Corbet (adapted), will be the poem we will be basing all of our future poetry development upon. We worked on the first verse last week and this week we worked on verse 2 which had a focus on personification:

VERSE 2 (Pie Corbett)

When I blew the golden trumpet,

an oak tree sneezed,

a Ferrari giggled as it rushed past,

the school fence cheered at the end of the day,

a dustbin danced the tango,

and a lamppost crunched down to tie its laces.

Here was the class innovation of verse 2


When I thumped upon my drum,

a blueberry bush blushed,

an Isuzu winked at the sun as the evening set,

the basement hid memories,

a lightbulb grew seeds and 

a walking stick pranced along the scrap yard.

As we were constructing this verse together we needed to ensure that the verb tense was consistent. We also discussed the use of the word ‘an’ prior to a word beginning with a vowel. These two grammatical elements will be reviewed in the coming weeks.

Home Tasks

  1. Rewrite your own VERSE 2 – all about using personifications using the boxing up sheet. Bring created verse 1 and 2 to share in class next week. NOTE: We will do this first!
  2. For inspiration, read some of these poems on “personification”
  3. Add at least one word, a phrase or an idea to the ‘Magpie Treasures’ part of your magpie journal. You certainly may add some more thoughts if you find more:) NOTE: We shall share these as well!

Downloads if needed:

When I blew the golden trumpet boxing up chart  (Just the second part for this week)


Featured photo attribution:<a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/wind-energy-with-wind-turbines-background_17121877.htm#query=wind&position=37&from_view=search&track=sph”>Image by rawpixel.com</a> on Freepik

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