Published Warning Tales

Enjoy the wonderful 'Warning Tales' and other creative written work on this page that have been written by delightful young writers. Warning tales, also known as cautionary tales, aim to warn its listeners of some type of danger. The hope is that valuable lessons can be gained. Some examples of warning tales are 'Little Red Riding Hood', 'The Lorax, 'The boy who cried wolf', 'Say Please Louise' and a fun CGI animated story called 'Watermelon A Cautionary Tale'. Enjoy the stories and poems written here.

Timmy and His Alien Version

July 13, 2022

Written by Luke Once open a time a cheeky boy called Timmy lived in an apartment on Brookhaven Drive. He ran to school huff huff huff! After 30 minutes he got to school, but when Timmy got to class, his friend Sam warned him, “BEWARE OF YOUR ALIEN VERSION!!!  Timmy was incredulous, “You really believe […]

The Swamp

July 13, 2022

Written by Hosanna “Hosanna don’t go playing by the swamp,” her mum pleaded, “its dangerous, there are crocodiles lurking around the area!” Hosanna didn’t care. She needed to filmThe river she was talking about lay at the end of Lumpy Bog Road. Mud and moss lay on rocks and paths, making gooey sounds when the […]

Elliot and the Pond Monster

July 2, 2022

Written by Grace There once was a lucky girl named Elliot who lived in a rich neighbourhood in Hawaii. One warm morning, she woke up and began the amble to the park but her dad warned her, “beware of the pond monster!” So she walked and she walked, clippity-clop clippity-clop, in her heels until she […]

Tom and the Dangerous Serpentine

July 1, 2022

Written by Myle Once upon an early desert morning, there was a tall, naughty boy called Tom. He lived on the edge of a large, spooky desert. Tom was about to go for his morning walk but before he could reach the door his Mother warned him “Beware of the  serpentine’’, ‘’They don’t exist Mum’’ Tom […]

The River

July 1, 2022

written by Grace “Ivy, don’t go swimming in the river,” her sister demanded, “it’s dangerous!” “The currents are strong, it could pull you under!” Ivy zoned out after her sister said ‘don’t’. Ivy didn’t care. The river her sister was talking about, was a long car ride across a rocky track known as Loop Road. […]

The Lone Art School

June 30, 2022

Shared Class Spine Poem   The Lone Art School The lonely abandoned building stands in a mysterious setting. Its colourful concrete walls covered in graffiti, whispers. Littered dirty floors, cold and timeworn. The forgotten unkept exterior sings a sad lullaby. Dappled light, dark space, immensely filling the open room. Student authors: Grace, Hosanna and Amy

Jim, the Mysterious Old Man

June 30, 2022

Shared Class Spine Poem   Jim, the mysterious old man The mysterious man appeared from the dark. His bloodshot eyes like the blood moon, daydreaming. Bushy wild eyebrows tire. Many deep wrinkles smiling like the sun. His scrappy beard is as grey as an old weathered shack. Student authors: Grace, Hosanna, Myles and Marli

The Old Asylum

June 30, 2022

Shared Class Story “Sydney, don’t go exploring over by the derelict asylum hospital,” her Dad warned sternly, “it’s dangerous and needs to be torn down before it falls down!” Sydney didn’t care. She always did her own thing. The asylum hospital her Dad was talking about was a short bike ride across the train tracks […]

Jeremy and the Lunatic Principal Cruelman

June 30, 2022

Shared class story   Once upon a time, there was a naughty delusional boy called Jeremy who attended the ‘Nerd Academy School’. Early one frosty morning, he woke up and began the drive to school. So, his chauffeur drove and he drove and he drove until he came to his school where his best friend, […]

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