Time Sure Flies With Pups

So, the pups are now five weeks old and growing heaps. They’re a lot of fun and full of mischief. Many of them have worked out how to get out of the whelping box, clever little things. They now have a lot of outdoor time during the day, either freely roaming as I keep an eye on them or in a modified play pen. When they’re out roaming they tend to all stick together which makes doing a puppy head count easier for me. I will need to get Matt to create a bigger fenced off play area for them as the play pen is becoming too small. We need to re-secure the yard anyway as Rosie is still managing to escape, so Matt’s got a job ahead of him.

I was quite amazed the other day at a behaviour I had never seen from Rosie. She was chewing on her dog bone and one her pups came along to check it out. Mum did not like that at all and Rosie gave that pup a warning growl as she stiffened her doggie body. The pup didn’t take any notice of Mum’s admonishment and proceeded with checking out the dog bone. Rosie then growled/barked and nipped at the pup. That little pupped quickly sulked away from Mum with little whines. I have never ever seen Rosie respond in that way before. After talking to some friends, they told me that that’s basically Mum teaching her pups manners. Good to know Mum’s teaching her pups doggie manners.

 Anyways, that’s all for now about puppy life at ‘The Cheney’s’, as puppies and kiddies are calling for my attention now:)

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2 thoughts on “Time Sure Flies With Pups”

  1. Sam and Alan Wright

    Good to see the new photo’s of the puppies. They are all growing well and are ever so cute. It is going to be hard for you saying goodbye to them.

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