Warning Tale Workshops for Homeschoolers

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I am very excited to be running for the first time, writing workshops specifically designed for homeschooling children. The location of the workshops is in Wellard, WA. Writing is a challenging task for most children, and to be honest it is also one of those teaching areas that is often daunting for teachers.

I have had the joy of being trained in the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach and this method of teaching writing  really made a tremendous difference with the students in my classroom. Writing became a fun and engaging task with warming up words, short burst writing activities, drama, creating text maps and boxing up the structure of a model text.

There will only be two workshops this term with 10 spots available for interested families. The focus for the first two workshops will be on warning tales. Warning tales are stories that are told to warn its listeners/readers of a DANGER. 

If you are interested in these workshops for your child, follow the following link to register and secure your spot. 

Year 3/4 Warning Tale Workshop Registration

Year 5/6 Warning Tale Workshop Registration

Warning Tale workshop flyer

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2 thoughts on “Warning Tale Workshops for Homeschoolers”

  1. Margaret Pollock

    Theresa! This looks so good! I agree with all that you said!
    Back when I trained we were encouraged to overlook spelling as it can really inhibit a child’s creative flow. Each child had a little pad on which they could write words they wanted to use but couldn’t spell . If they wanted to, they’d put up their hand and I could write the word for them on their pad! It worked well👍
    Your idea is terrific and I’ll be so interested to hear more!
    Great job👍😃!!

    1. Thanks Margaret for your lovely comments and encouragement! Little spelling pads are a great help. I love the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach and have found the classroom buzzing with oral language, engaged and supported when the students do get to the independent writing task. With the ‘Talk for Writing’ program, we use ‘Magpie Journals’ with the students so they can store words, phrases and writing ideas that they find in their reading etc. Love to have a yarn about it all:)

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