Paddington’s Postcards: Greetings from around the globe

Our darling Grace received a Paddington’s Postcards pack for her birthday this year. What a great idea for a gift! The initial welcome pack included a welcome letter, a postcard from Paddington in London, a world map poster, a travel journal and stickers. Grace has now received her second postcard which was from Cambodia. This second pack included a postcard focused on information about Cambodia, four ‘Fun Facts’ cards, stickers, an a5 information poster on a little girl who lives in Cambodia along with an activity to complete in the travel journal. 

Grace is loving receiving a special package each month. She set down straight away to read through the information and complete the activities, very engaged. I’m absolutely loving the educational element of this gift.

Grace learning about Cambodia

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The Paddington Bear Postcards are advertised as suitable for children aged 4 – 10. You could easily expand on the information provided and explore at a greater depth the history and culture of the nation highlighted in each pack. UNICEF receives 100% of the monthly donations after the first package and these donations go towards supporting children around the world.

You can sign up for a monthly subscription at Unicef here.

This would make an excellent educational gift for grandchildren, nieces and nephews or for your own children. Not only are you helping your own special one learn and grow, but you will also be helping a child in need. Thanks to Grace’s Uncle and Aunty for a great gift! 



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