Published Student Poems


Enjoy the wonderful 'Poetry' on this page that have been written by delightful young writers.

When I Tapped My Drumsticks Together

April 26, 2023

written by Myles 2023 When I tapped my drumsticks together When I  tapped my drumsticks together, Golden goats giggled gleefully, Vile vultures vented in a van to vain Victor, Quizzy Quokka quit his question, An atrocious antelope argues over an apple adventurously and An irritating Ibis ignored the ice instantly.   When I tapped my […]

What If Luke Skywalker

April 24, 2023

written by Myles 2023 What if  Lukę Skywalker  went to the dark side with his father, extended his lightsaber blade, asked the best route to Mandalore, stared at me, wiggled his ears, defeated fifty storm troopers, took his Acklay for a feast and went to live on Exagol.               […]

What If the Chicken

April 24, 2023

shared writing by students 2023 What if  The chicken began to drive like Mario Cart, drank ginger beer, asked where Luigi was, winked at Gucci, the dog and flew to Japan.                

What If Gucci, the Golden Retriever

April 24, 2023

written by Myles & Grace 2023 What if  Gucci, the golden retriever began to wrestle like John Cenna, played piano tunes, asked the way to the black market, whacked me with his tail, farted toxic gas, Ate a live turkey and a gassy cow, Took his human for a marathon and Went to be eaten […]

What If Marinette Dupain-Cheng

April 24, 2023

written by Hosanna & Lily 2023 What if  Marinette Dupain-Cheng began to destroy buildings, Yelled at Adrien loudly, Threw darts at Ayla, Became friends with Chloe, Glad at people, Ate a black cat and a lady bug, Took her grumpy Rottweiler for a walk and Went to live in Russia.           […]

What If Buddha

April 24, 2023

written by Lily 2023 What if  Buddha began to be a teacher, Started to wag his body instead of his tail, Asked where the operation ouch lab is, Licked his poo, Wrote a poem, Ate a stack of lettuce, Took his pet scorpion for a walk and Went back in time to the time of […]

What If Bob the Builder

April 24, 2023

written by poetry students 2023 What if  Bob the Builder began to deliver parcels like Postman Pat. Destroyed bananas. Asked how to build a statue. Burped loudly. Flicked French fries or was it flies. Ate a golden steak and an apple pie, with ice cream on the side. Took himself for a walk. Went to […]

What If Mr Cow

April 24, 2023

written by poetry student 2023 What if  Mr Cow Began to fly like superman Yelled loudly Asked the way to Ohio Pooped on me Wiggled his butt Ate a super sized cheese burger and fries Took his greg bot on a walk Went to live in WA.          

When I Played the Cello

April 24, 2023

written by Hosanna When I played the cello Chubby children coloured cats, Ugly underwear hung over the umbrella unconsciously, Cunning coyote’s attacked crying candy canes, An excited egg exploded on an evil elegant lady and A gorgeous grumpy girl gobbled up a gecko. When I played the cello, A coughing burger ran, A piano giggled […]

When I Thumped Upon My Drum

April 24, 2023

written by the class   When I thumped upon my drum, moody Mr Magpie made magnificent mud pies, while busy budgie borrowed Bingo’s bananas before biting his brother, and proper penguin planted particular pineapples. Also an occupied octopus origamied an orangutang on the ocean until finally, a giant goat greased a guarding gate and gave […]

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