Seasons of life

I picked up a book at a bookstore that was about the seasons of life. This concept really grabbed me and I really do agree with this. 

At the time, I was in the crazy of little ones. The constant dependence on mum, sleep deprivation, attempts to find mumma time, and continue to maintain some resemblance of married life was my challenge then.

Now, my children are a little more grown up and I have some greater freedoms as a mother. They don’t tend to bang on the toilet door as much, and I can pop out for an hour to get some groceries whilst they chill at home. 

Each season has its challenges, I guess some more than others. This may too depend on a whole range of different factors. 

The greatest challenge in this is to not only stay the course but to stop and smell the roses along the way.

A friend of mine has a little mantra, “Smile and wave!” It’s the idea of keeping positive, and keep on keeping on despite what is going on around us.

The little joys are what really make each season of life all the worthwhile. Keep on keeping on in your season and find your roses. 


Passionate about my family and the things of God. Love life, love creativity and all things good.

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