Published Student Writing


Please appreciate the written work created by the students who participated in the Blossom Writing Workshops. Presented below is a selection of pieces from our persuasive writing workshop in 2023. These talented students have expressed their desire to share their writing with others. Take a moment to immerse yourself in their thought-provoking and persuasive compositions.

Teleportation is the Greatest Superpower

December 11, 2023

Written by Hosanna Despite teleportation seeming like a bad power, I believe it is the best superpower. I firmly believe teleportation helps you to stay safe, keep you away from bad situations and danger whilst being fun and bringing joy, taking you places for adventure or a vacation. Firstly, with teleportation you don’t even have […]

Wild Animals Need Greater Protection

December 7, 2023

Written by Lily Despite wild animals being  portrayed as vicious animals I whole heartedly believe  they can truly love and feel emotion just as us. We need to stop introduction and killing animals. Lastly we need to stop cutting trees down and destroying their habitats. Firstly, wild animals feel pain and I believe we should […]

Two Dogs Are the Way to Go In Our Family

December 7, 2023

Written by Grac Two dogs are the way to go in my family! Despite owning two dogs and there seeming to be more work, it is actually the best way to go. I firmly believe owning two dogs provides companionship and increased exercise for your loving pooches. Whilst there may be more cost, the costs […]

Groudon Is Better Than Kyogre

October 30, 2023

Written by Myles Despite Kyogre being a decent Pokémon and stronger in a battle against Groudon, I firmly believe it is the better Pokémon overall. Groudon is bulkier, has a great ability to help with it’s typing and (in my opinion) is the cooler Pokémon . For these reasons, I believe that the Continent Pokémon […]

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