Tom and the Dangerous Serpentine

Written by Myle

Once upon an early desert morning, there was a tall, naughty boy called Tom. He lived on the edge of a large, spooky desert. Tom was about to go for his morning walk but before he could reach the door his Mother warned him “Beware of the  serpentine’’, ‘’They don’t exist Mum’’ Tom said. So with that he walked off walkety-walk, walkety-walk, walkety-walk, until he came across a mysterious, ancient, stony floor in the middle of the desert.

The first time he looks at the floor he saw a picture of a serpentine, the second time he hears suspicious slithering, the third time he saw a mysterious pile of serpentine fangs and pressed down on the serpentine head and…

A few dramatic seconds later, the floor opened up. And Tom grabbed not one, not two, but three big serpentine fangs that were as sharp as swords! Unfortunately, at that moment five serpentine one from each tribe came out-with fangs as sharp as swords and scales as smooth as river rocks and eyes as red as Mars! They quickly slithered across the desert, with dust kicking up behind them and hissing their dangerous breath.

Tom screamed and he sprinted and he sprinted sprintety-sprint, sprintety-sprint, sprintety-sprint, with the serpentine slithering not far behind him. Sooner rather than later, Tom arrived home, just in time, after nearly being bitten but in his hand he had not one, not two, but three dangerous, sharp fangs like enchanted blades of creation!


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