Margo and the Old Farmer

Written by Hosanna

The evening that Margo thought she saw the old farmer was on a cold dark night.

He was walking through the abandoned amusement park. At first, she noticed a shadow. Then she felt goose bumps from the cold air. Finally, she heard the crunch of heavy shoes against the gravel.

Margo stood on tiptoes and peeked around the tree she was near. She caught a glimpse of the old farmer’s face. His eyes twitched and a frown grew. She could see pieces of straw poking out of his bushy hair and flies surrounded him.

Margo froze and ducked back behind the tree and waited for the farmer to walk away. When she took the courage to peek from behind the tree he was out of sight.

Of course, Margo didn’t know what to do. She thought the farmer could still be about the place.

That same night, Margo still was stuck in fear hiding behind the same tree. Eventually, she decided to peek around and look for possible roots to escape. She cautiously got up from her spot and began to search.

How do you escape from a possible killer? Margo was searching for a way out. Soon she came to a bush where she found a small opening, she went to check where it would lead but footsteps behind her cut her off. She slowly turned around and heart raced. She could finally see the farmer standing in front of her.

Margo broke out into a scream and dashed for the opening in the bush. She noticed the farmer following after her. She was now sprinting faster, she could hear the farmers’ heavy breathing behind her, she only now realised that she was heading towards the road. She was still screaming as she stopped at the road. The farmer came closer and closer.

Margo tried to catch her breath, but did not dare turn around. The darkness froze and the breeze calmed down. Then she heard the farmer’s breath behind her. She could see a skinny fork shadow from the corner of her eye.

The farmer tapped Margo on the shoulder and held out her wallet. The farmer muttered, “you dropped this when you ran away.“ He held her wallet in front of her and she fearfully took the wallet. The farmer continued to speak, “what were you doing back there?” Margo replied, “I was exploring the place, and you?” The old farmer explained, “one of my sheep ran into the place and I am looking for it. I noticed you hiding and came to check up on you.” Margo felt embarrassed, she had thought he was a killer but the truth was he was only looking for his sheep.

They had both said goodbye and Margo headed home for a nice nights rest.


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