The River

written by Grace

“Ivy, don’t go swimming in the river,” her sister demanded, “it’s dangerous!” “The currents are strong, it could pull you under!” Ivy zoned out after her sister said ‘don’t’. Ivy didn’t care.

The river her sister was talking about, was a long car ride across a rocky track known as Loop Road. The river had overgrown reeds, broken shells scattered along the dry dirt ground, and a horrible smell coming from the river. As the wind blew through Ivy’s straight bangs, it was there Ivy found a nice spot to put her stuff down. At the end of the river was the spot she found, no shells or mud just soft sand with a tree for shade. It had a great view of the rushing river, warm sand, shade in just one spot and lots of butterflies and dragonflies. Despite the green old smelly river, Ivy liked this one spot.

That afternoon, the sun shined, the wind blew, and on the warm sand, it felt cozy. She put on her flamingo bathers, got in the warm water… but then it happened! She got pulled in by the current and struggling to get out of the water just made her get pulled in more! She was now too far out into the river struggling! She screamed for help as she tried to keep her head above water, but no-one heard. Just then, she saw a branch hanging over the river within her reach!

Luckily, just in the nick of time, she was able to grab the branch and pull herself up onto it. She crawled carefully along the branch and climbed off the tree onto the ground, praying no more bad things would happen. Exhausted, she began waking back to her spot. Ivy packed her things, puts on her towel and drove back home in her warm car.

When Ivy got home and went inside, she saw her sister come out of her room glaring at her, “so you danced in the rain?” Ivy’s sister was glaring at her wet body and muddy feet, “uhhhh….yeah?” Ivy felt guilty for all the times she never listened to her sister.


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