Timmy and His Alien Version

Written by Luke

Once open a time a cheeky boy called Timmy lived in an apartment on Brookhaven Drive. He ran to school huff huff huff! After 30 minutes he got to school, but when Timmy got to class, his friend Sam warned him, “BEWARE OF YOUR ALIEN VERSION!!!  Timmy was incredulous, “You really believe that I have an alien version?’’ But his Version was watching while Timmy walked down the corridor.

Timmy saw a closed off room and he peered in. The first time he looked in he saw dark figures shivering. The second time he looked in he heard wolves howling, the third time he looked in he saw not one, not two, but three gadgets that looked as hard as bricks. He realised then that these gadgets were shape shifting Aliens waiting to STRIKE and become his alien version! Sam was right after all!!!!  

But some other sinister being was in the room also with its rotten teeth and breath that smelt of urine, a scaley back and sharp claws! Timmy screamed with terror!  It was the alien version of himself. Timmy ran as fast as he could, huff huff huff! While Timmy’s alien version was grunting and dragging his long arms behind. Sam saw Timmy running down the corridor and yelled fearfully, “Oh hey Timmy!! Whoa, slow down!’’, “Come with me if you want to live!’’ Timmy yelled in Sam’s face. 

They dashed home and were as tired as hamsters on a wheel! Timmy saw the gadgets in his sweaty hands and said ‘’Sam… it’s time for pranking…’’.


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