Introducing Bob

Here’s a photo of our backyard Bobtail lizard, Bob. Thanks to Rosie, our Golden Retriever, we spot Bob every few days. Rosie hardly ever barks but when she comes across Bob, she barks. When we hear the barking we run out to check on Rosie only to find her going off at poor Bob. We’ve spotted him on some warm pavers, behind some herb pots, hanging out with the chickens or along his way through the grass in the back yard.

I got a big scare one time when I headed to get the eggs from the chicken coop. As I came around the corner of the coop, there was Bob hissing up at me. As I didn’t expect to find a scaly reptile in my way, I let out a bit of a scream. It did have me thinking though how quickly Bobtails might be able to move. Although, Rosie does get quite close to Bob without ending up in harm. This is just a bit of the fun in having our very own bush patch!

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