Rosie’s Walk

‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins was given to us as a gift at my very first baby shower. It was given to me by a well respected educator and is regarded as a classic story for young children. 

The story has minimal text with some pages featuring only illustrations. The illustrations are full of detail and tell the story very well. It’s a great story for discussion of cause and effect and is wonderfully comical. My young children would often read the story to me just from looking at the pictures, and I would be very entertained from listening to their version of the story.  

‘Rosie’s Walk’ is about a hen simply going for a walk across the farm. She is completely ignorant of a wily fox that is after her for his dinner. The fox, however, has great misfortune in his many attempts at nabbing Rosie the hen. 

This book is on my favourites list for pre readers. You can buy it in board book, paper back or hard back. Check it out at Book Depository here > Rosie’s Walk Board Book

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