Height chart

DIY Wooden Growth Chart

I had been wanting a growth chart for a long time and finally I now have one. We have had all this Karri wood sitting out in the weather and...

Pallet Word Art

This was our first Pallet Word Art project! Our family scripture now features a prominent spot, reminding us 'Cheney's' of what's required of us. I love it!
tyre swing long

Our Repurposed Tyre Swing

After our car needed new tyres, we hung on to the old ones. We would have been charged for disposing of the tyres if we didn't take them. One of...

Love The New Book Display Shelves

It was very exciting to have Matt put up the newly made book display shelves for the boys room over the weekend. They each have one at their bedside to...

Teepee Fun

In the last few months I have been busy creating kids' play teepees, in between all the typical chaos and busyness of family life. My sewing machine has been getting...
Poulrtry nipple option

Poultry Nipples for our Chickens

We are moving from this watering option ...            to this much better option ...               Originally, I purchased the...

The Chook House

As you can see in the picture, the chicken house features a door with a latch which swings inside so the chickens can't escape when you go in to feed...
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