Our Repurposed Tyre Swing

After our car needed new tyres, we hung on to the old ones. We would have been charged for disposing of the tyres if we didn’t take them. One of these wheels in particular was destined to be used for a tyre swing.

After some googling, I found that there were a number of different ways of hanging a tyre swing. You can hang it horizontally, vertically, suspend it with just a rope or use bolts to attach the rope to the tyre and/or the tree. We went with the most simple hanging position, and attached a bolt to the tree to minimise damage to the tree and rope.

All you really need for a tyre swing is a tyre, a strong rope and a suitable tree. When I researched tying the rope to the tyre, square knots were recommended though Matt employed a variety of different knots in the process.

There’s plenty of special memories now to be made on our tyre swing. The next project is a tree fort around this tree, which I’m also thoroughly excited about.



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