Poultry Nipples for our Chickens

We are moving from this watering option …






 to this much better option …








Originally, I purchased the small green poultry waterer (picture 1)  for our baby chicks. We are now long overdue for an upgrade and I didn’t want to spend a heap on a bigger waterer you would get from a pet shop as they cost more than I’m willing to spend. The other other problem with using this type of chicken waterer is that the chickens dirty the water as soon as you put it down for them.

I started looking for better options and came across ‘poultry nipples’. You essentially attach them to a water container, hook up the container in the chook house and the chickens simply help themselves. Apparently one poultry nipple is enough for 3 – 4 chickens to have clean water 24/7.  You can use juice or milk containers which makes it quite an economical set up.








 I just ordered 5 from eBay for about $11. Not bad at all.



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