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A few weeks ago we received the maths workbooks I ordered for Noah & Isaiah from Chariot Press. I purchased the Singapore Maths New Syllabus 1B Textbook and Workbooks and the Earlybird Pre School Maths 1A. The boys were excited about their new maths books which is always a good thing.

The New Syllabus Maths program is the current national curriculum for Singapore schools and is used around the world in many classrooms. In researching mathematical programs to use at home, I came upon Singapore maths as a popular choice for homeschoolers. Singapore has been one of the top performing nations in mathematics for many years now and after reading some reviews on their national curriculum, I felt it would be a great choice for us.

I quite like the layout of the books, with a full colour textbook that is nicely laid out and not overly complicated and the workbooks which are in black and white and again simply laid out. The program begins with more concrete concepts and then moves to more abstract concepts. There is not a lot of repetition in the Singapore Maths program but you can always do extension work if there is a need. The program overall is seen as an advanced program covering mathematical concepts at a faster pace. 

We’re looking forward to getting started with Singapore Maths. We shall see how we go. 


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