Shrek Swamp Smoothie A Winner

We tried a new ‘Green’ thing yesterday and it was a hit. The boys really loved it and were asking for more after seconds. I made a ‘Green Smoothie’ from a recipe I found here. I’ll include the recipe below for you also.
The idea of ‘green smoothies’ is to combine green vegetables with fruit to create a delicious and very healthy drink. The combination works best with a 60 to 40 percent raio with there being more fruit to vegetables. Apparently, it’s best to start with smaller amount of the ‘green’ until you get accustomed to drinking vegetables with fruits. 
I added a good handful of spinach to our green smoothie and used rice milk in addition to the other ingredients listed in the recipe below. I then served it up in nice parfait glasses with straws and an orange slice on the side to jazz up this new ‘green’ experience. It looked great to the kids and they were super keen to try this ‘Shrek Swamp Smoothie’ and they really LOVED it. They want another one today! I’m so pleased with this find. We’re looking forward to trying new combinations for our ‘green smoothies’ in the summer months ahead.

Creamsicle Green Smoothie


1 cup water

1 cup Rice or Almond milk
2-3 LARGE spoonfuls of Orange juice concentrate
1 Large bunch of Spinach
1 teaspoon vanilla
Frozen Peaches (about 2 cups)
Place all ingredients in blender. Blend until nice and smooth and enjoy! Delicious!
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