Finding Soap Nuts

So here I am again researching natural and more cost effective alternatives for my home. My latest hunt has been for homemade laundry detergent. We have to be careful what goes down our drains with our Biolytix Septic System. Not only are there worms getting inundated with whatever goes down the drains but the grey water is currently irrigating our lovely grassed area.

In searching for a good recipe, I found many laundry detergent recipes that contained borax. Borax is a ‘natural’ product and I was surprised to learn that one of its uses is as a more ‘natural’ insecticide for killing ants and cochroaches. I didnt think the worms would find Borax to be a friendly ‘green’ product so continued to hunt for safer options.

I found some good recipes to try but then I came upon a blog called ‘Passionate Homemaking’ and found these amazing berries called ‘Soap Nuts’. The ‘Soap Nuts’ grow wild in India and are really a berry not a nut. There are two methods for using them. The first is to just throw a handful soap nuts into a cotton bag and put it in the wash. It’s as simple as that. You can even reuse them a few times. The second method requires soaking them in hot water for about 15 minutes or boiling the soap nuts and then using them as in the first method. Soap Nuts can also be used for other cleaning around the house from using them in the dishwasher to using them as a general cleaner.

From all I have read, these ‘Soap Nuts’ should also help save the pennies in the household budget. Using Soap Nuts also means there’s no need for fabric softener as they apparently help make the washing lovely and soft. There’s an excellent comparison of cost and effectiveness at the following website:

 I just ordered my first batch of ‘Soap Nuts’ to try out in my numerous loads of washing. I purchased them of this site: 

I’ll write a follow up blog to let you know how the Cheney’s got on with this interesting nutty find.

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