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Firstly, let’s define what the term decodable means. Simply, a decodable text is a type of book that has been designed to be used alongside explicit systematic phonics instruction. They are simple stories used in early reading instruction using only words that are phonetically decodable, using the specific set of letters and letter sounds that children have learnt in phonics lessons. This ensures children apply the new information that is being taught successfully, with confidence and helps to solidify the code. 

Decodable readers begin with very simple foundations and grow in complexity as a child progresses, enabling them to then take on quality children’s literature and other interesting texts. Using decodable texts alongside a systematic phonics program is the most effective way to achieve reading. Choose decodable readers where the child will know 95% of the words, or 90% if you will be working alongside them with a text.

Now, there are certainly many readers you can purchase that are labelled ‘beginner readers’; however, these type of texts typically have many words that children cannot yet decode and can be confusing and frustrate the learning process. How much more efficient and beneficial to progress sequenced readers than matching up a child’s specific knowledge bank with a text that supports this.

All children will develop and progress at a different pace, some will move a lot more quickly through phonics instruction. Reading a variety of books to early readers and introducing them to a variety of vocabulary is equally important. More on that in another post. 

Now to those decodable resources:

Decodable resources that I have personally used:

Here’s a good video review of the Pip and Tim decodable books from Little Learners Love Literacy by Alison Clarke. Pip and Tim decodable books. I love using these humorous decodable in my own tutoring sessions.

You can also find an extensive list of other decodable resources at Alison Clarke’s Decodable Books post at her Spelfabet website. This website is all about encouraging early literacy teaching and intervention reflective of scientific reading research and I highly recommend it for learning more. There are free resources and downloads as well up for grabs. Alison also includes a post about ‘What is a decodable book?’ if you wish to delve a bit deeper into the topic.

If you are interested in reading more about the ‘science of reading’, I will include some resources in a future post.

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