Learning through play

My girls especially love to role play and they go all out in their play. I love that they absorb themselves in play even at their age. How lovely it is to be a child and just play. A big part of my homeschooling approach is to let my girls just play and be. The creativity, learning and fun that occurs is just wonderful.

For a child, play can involve imitation of one’s surroundings to help a child make sense of the world, it can be an exploration and adventure, experimenting, creative and imaginative. Of course it is much more than my brief attempt to define.

George Bernard Shaw quotes that, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” There is an innate part

within us that has been designed to explore, create and imagine. The satisfaction and joy that comes through these activities cannot be undervalued. We, as adults, can certainly learn from our children in their ability to laugh often, not take things too seriously and to enjoy the simple pleasures around us.

Some of my girls role play endeavours have included the following:

  • a movie series titled ‘Loo Loo, the Poo Poo’
  • a movie premiere with a new episode of ‘Loo loo, the Poo Poo’ 
  • a teddy wedding and a teddy birthday
  • a remedial Massage centre – a money making endeavour
  • a fine dining experience 

There are so many skills being developed and realised during these role play sessions. Some of these skills involve:

  • setting goals
  • planning and organising
  • creativity and imagination 
  • managing money
  • maths skills
  • communication skills; both oral and written
  • interpersonal skills
  • service skills
  • social etiquette in various settings
  • media and technology skills

Here are some images of my girls learning through play.

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