Can you see the wind?

Can you see the wind?

The old, cold wrinkles on canal skin

A shiver of dead leaves clinging to bare-bone branch

   Grass blades fencing a bloodless,  

               invisible foe.

Was it the wind?

The ghostly pull on scarf and hair

A paper flying carpet on a mystical journey

Bins tipped over in unseen malice; contents kicked down the road.

Is it the wind?

The howling warning before branches break

A cacophonous tantrum of flying garden furniture

Wide lorries felled by a giant’s swipe,

ensuing chaos.

Was that the wind?

The weather forecast arrows: larger, sharper

A growing rumble, neither plane nor train

Uncoiled, reckless, spinning furies slinging, scattering, 

smashing, lashing. 

Can you see the wind?

The occasional breath of the curtains

A flower nodding in a well-dressed crowd







(Author unknown) 

Link to poem and some class activities HERE

Feature image attribution:Freepik water color modern by mhafiffuadi



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