Week 4 and 5 Poetry Workshop

Our focus POEMS for week 4 and 5 were:

‘The Slow Man’ by Allan Ahlberg. Go HERE to read this fun poem about the slow man. 

When I blew the golden trumpet‘ by Pie Corbet (adapted). 

Personification …

For week 4, the class explored a poetry tool, personification, where inanimate objects take on human/living qualities. To begin with the students brainstormed objects and then brainstormed human actions. Once we did this, students put together some of these ideas. Here are some of the combinations:

Here’s a little video for revision purposes: What is personification?

What if …

We then played around with creating poems with a class mate. We had explored this poem the week before writing a class poem.

What if …

Bob the Builder

began to deliver parcels like Postman Pat.

Destroyed bananas.

Asked how to build a statue.

Burped loudly.

Flicked French fries or was it flies.

Ate a golden steak and an apple pie, with ice cream on the side.

Took himself for a walk.

Went to Alaska.

Here are some of the students’ ‘What if …’ poems:

What if Mr Cow

Image 1 of 6


Week 5 Class Notes

Today’s first task was looking at how to annotate a poem. The main activities for annotation we looked at were

  1. Highlighting words we don’t know.
  2. Interesting words/phrases
  3. Questions about words, theme, mood.
  4. Tools the author has used – eg. rhyme, alliteration etc.

We had a go at annotating the poem ‘Making the Countryside’ by June Crebbin.

When I blew the golden trumpet

The poem ‘When I blew the golden trumpet’ by Pie Corbet (adapted), will be the poem we will be basing all of our future poetry development upon. The first verse is all about alliterations:


When I blew the golden trumpet,

sly serpents slithered silently, 

pink parrots perched on plum trees pecking painfully, 

tiny turtles tricked a terrified tarantula,

a lazy lizard lay on a lilo laughing and

a gorgeous gorilla gobbled up Greta in one great gulp. 

Here was the class innovation titled ‘When I thumped upon my drum’:


When I thumped upon my drum,

moody Mr Magpie made magnificent mud pies,

while busy budgie borrowed Bingo’s bananas before biting his brother,

and proper penguin planted particular pineapples.

Also an occupied octopus origamied an orangutang on the ocean until

finally, a giant goat greased a guarding gate and gave grace.

Home Tasks

  1. Rewrite your own VERSE 1 – all about using alliterations. Students have a help sheet in their magpie journals. Bring created verse 1 to share in class next week.
  2. For inspiration, watch some of these poems being read for inspiration on “alliterations”
  3. Add at least one word, a phrase or an idea to the ‘Magpie Treasures’ part of your magpie journal. You certainly may add some more thoughts if you find more:)

Downloads if needed:

Alliteration help sheet

When I blew the golden trumpet boxing up chart  (Just do the first part for this week)


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