We have PUPPIES!!! Seven beautiful little pups were born over a week ago. Rosie, our delightful golden, did so very well. Noah and I were there together for the birthing of the first three pups and then Mum (that’s me) kept Rosie company for the rest of the deliveries. What an experience it has been. It’s been amazing to learn about the birthing aspects as well as puppy development. I was so glad that it all just went as it should. I had read so much information about all the things that could go wrong during birth and even took Rosie and the puppies up to the vet the following day for a check over. We’re so thankful that both her and the pups are doing very well.

Our puppies are still without sight and hearing at this stage and I’m looking forward to seeing their eyes open and for them to become more aware of their surroundings. It’s absolutely amazing watching the little pups nuzzle into mum for a feed. It’s like a feeding frenzy with tails wagging and little pups in search of their feed. 

We ended up with five male goldens and two girl goldens ranging from golden to cream. Our Rosie is a lovely cream and Sebastian (the stud) is a rich golden colour. Both Rosie and Sebastian have papers and come from good breeding stock. These puppies are going to be great pets for someone’s family. 

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