Meet Rosie, Our Jayco Expanda 2010

After much consideration, deliberation and a tirade of questions to our caravanning friends, we made the plunge to purchase a Jayco Expanda. Why not join the rest of the country in caravanning during this never-ending Covid pandemic! And with fear and excitement, we are learning a lot about this world of vans and tripping. 

We have been very grateful for those who have shared their insight and answered our many questions, which have not yet ceased. 

This van is a 2010 Jayco Expand. Both ends pop out, to make a double and a queen sized bed. There is a bunk inside, with the top that folds away somewhat and storage underneath the bed. The fridge with a small freezer is a good size and runs on both electricity and gas. The kitchen has a sink, microwave, stovetop with three gas burners and an electric cooktop. Underneath the cooktop is a small griller. Ideally, I had hoped for an oven; however, there is extra space without an oven. The best part about this van is we have an ensuite, so we shall share how this part of caravanning goes with a family of 6.

After purchasing our 2010 Jayco, we first made plans to get a thorough servicing done to ensure the van was indeed roadworthy. We are also in the process of organising a dedicated paved space for the van. 

Now, I am in the process of working out what needs to be in the van and looking at planning a weekend trip away with the family to try it out. Stay tuned:)



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