Jayco stabiliser legs hack with 19mm extension socket

This nifty device along with a cordless drill makes lowering the stabiliser legs super quick on our Jayco Expanda. 

Some key points I have learnt about lowering stabiliser legs is that you only lower them until there is a little bit of tension. Ideally, they are the strongest at a 90 degree angle to the ground or set straight down. Here’s a video from Sydney Jayco on how to set them up the old style way. Setting up Stabilising Legs on a Jayco. 

It’s also a good idea to ensure that your drop down stabiliser leg handles are oiled from time to time. When we first set up our 2010 Jayco van, Mr Cheney broke a handle as it just wasn’t pulling out. After a big frustrated tug on the handle, that was that, the handle broke. So, I then ordered some new ones on eBay. Here is the link. Alko Drop Down Stabiliser Leg Handle.  The handles were only $17 for two handles including shipping.

I will post a video of the Jayloe Corner Steady Extension Socket 19mm x 300mm in use shortly.

You can purchase this nifty tool on Amazon here > Extended socket

Don’t you just love a nifty tool that makes life easier! We certainly do.

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