Two Dogs Are the Way to Go In Our Family

Written by Grac

Two dogs are the way to go in my family!

Despite owning two dogs and there seeming to be more work, it is actually the best way to go.

I firmly believe owning two dogs provides companionship and increased exercise for your loving pooches. Whilst there may be more cost, the costs can be reduced with bulk buying and discounts that come with owning two dogs. There are discounts with pet insurance and pet training for example. So, the costs of owning two dogs are not double the cost which is great.

Firstly, all dogs need attention some more than others. They will need another buddy as you are busy with work, studying or you simply don’t have the time. All dogs can get lonely if you are always busy with work or studying etc. like any other living creature, dogs have feelings too and can get depression. This shows that having more company is great as your loved pet gets more playtime with their new friend, sleeping together, feeling more safe and they can also learn from each other. If you are busy your dog can get lonely and bored leading to misbehaving like taking a sock or shoe and tearing up the place. But when you’re busy and you can’t give them all the attention that they need. Having another dog is the best way to solve this problem.

Furthermore , with owning two dogs it requires more exercise. Some people see this as hard work but really its a win win. Two dogs may help older people stay active  and provide other heartfelt benefits. If you’re among the many millions of dog owners in the world you’re probably more active than a person with just one dog. Not only does walking with two dogs help with exercise walking helps with stress, lowers blood pressure and improves sleep. That’s a great benefit to owning two dogs. As well as walking your two dogs, taking them to the beach is good for both you and your two dog as you get to run, swim and get vitamin D.

Additionally, cost. Everyone hesitates to buy another dog as it costs more. Well there are many solutions to this like bulk buying and discounts. Bulk buyings, purchasing large quantities of a particular product or products means discount. Along with this you also get lots of discounts with two dogs such as pet insurance, pet training and dog sitting. So just because you have two dogs doesn’t mean it costs twice. And you can also share things like a bed or grooming toys. 

In conclusion, I think two dogs are better than one, as they come with lots of positives. As they are sweet, adorable and a great pet why not get two? As I’ve shown getting two dogs is a great idea. A dog is a man’s best friend, get two!


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