Love Is – 1 Corinthians 13 Wall Sign

The inspiration came for this project when my friend was giving up a couple of her large wooden framed paintings. I was not fond of the paintings, but I had a plan for the frame. My master bedroom had a nice blank wall space to hang a large vertical picture frame. The beauty of this section of wall was that you could view the artwork from the entrance hall way if all doors were open. If you looked down the corridor from our master bedroom,  you will spot our family creed, Micah 6:8 hanging. Scripture bookending the hallway. I love it.

I will explain my process a bit more in this post, as I get lots of people asking me how I make my wall signs.

For this project, I firstly began by painting over the painting with just whatever white paint I had. It required two coats to cover the artwork beneath.

Then I began to play around with the wording that I wanted for my art project, along with the font style.

Tip: when using two different font types, it visually looks best to go for strong contrast. Contrast a modern style with a script style and also use contrasting sizing to make the wording work best. You will see this in most of my word art projects. 

Here are the steps I follow:

  1. Print the wording at the size you wish to use.
  2. Play around with the layout on the canvas/board.
  3. Rub contrasting coloured chalk all over the wording on the back of the paper. (For example, if your board is white, do NOT use white chalk. Use a bright pink or blue.)
  4. Lay the paper where you like it and use tape to secure it to the board/canvas. Just enough so it won’t move around.
  5. Trace the outline of the wording with a pen or pencil so it leaves enough of an indent. 
  6. Remove the paper and you should have transferred a chalk outline onto the board/canvas.
  7. Use either paint and a paint brush OR use acrylic paint pens. I will link the ones I use below.
  8. After the paint is dry, wipe over the board with a damp cloth to remove any chalk residue. Enjoy your creation.

Acrylic Paint pens I use:

 – Posca Paint Marker 0.7 mm

Liquitex Paint Marker 2- 4mm chisel nib


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