Why I love Book Depository

I have been using Book Depository for quite some time now and spend quite a bit of money on books. The best reason for purchasing from Book Depository is that they offer shipping for FREE, it doesn’t matter where you live! FREE international shipping with NO minimum spend. Isn’t that just brilliant!

But not only did that get me excited about this Online Bookshop, the fact that they are super competitive and the range of books they offer was what sold me. They have over 20 million books to offer so you should be able to find most books you would be interested in.

The shipping times are reasonable and the books always come well packaged, often with a bookmark.

Book Depository’s website has certainly improved over time also. I love how easy it is to navigate around their website. There are plenty of categories to capture your interest as well as gift guides, daily deals, best selling books, recent releases and books by language.

Customers can post reviews of their books which can also be helpful. I usually check out reviews elsewhere before I decide on a book. Sites like goodreads, blogs searches, books recommended by friends or by Focus on the Family is how I decide on my next book purchase.

The only thing I have never liked about Book Depository is that they don’t include inside peeks so you can check out layouts of books. I find this crucial to purchasing cookbooks, gardening books and the like. If I want to check out the inside layout of a book, I will go to Amazon or Google Books as they often have pages you can preview. And then I would head back to Book Depository for great pricing and FREE shipping. Winning!

You can check out Book Depository here > Book Depository Website

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