Perpetual Soup – well kind of!


So, my wonderful Mother gave me her Better Homes & Garden Magazine … thanks Mum!! I started flicking through it when my eyes caught the pull out quote of the editorial. I  NEVER usually read the editorial but this was worth the read. Phrases like, ‘One pot soup always on the stove’ and ‘lovely bites of meat, herbs, parmesean …’ evoked delightful thoughts.

Basically, you start with the basics, onion, carrot and celery cooked in oil and butter until soft. Then you add water, a ham bone or chicken stock or whatever is flavoursome to you and then add fresh veges. They are then cooked slowly for a couple of hours. As it’s served up, it’s replenished with other bits of veges or leftovers. The idea is subliem, constant broth for consuming whenever ones hungry. And it’s so yum and full of goodness. At the end of a week, you clean out the pot and start again.

I am now on day three of my broth and I’m loving it. The kids have had it twice now and enjoyed it, though, I havent quite sold them on it … At least mum will be well nourished and ready to dish up a bowl of scrumptious homemade broth. We started with more of a sausage/tomato broth with rice and currently have lentils and chicken featuring in the batch cooking away.

I read that if you don’t want bland broth, you just add some vinegar each time you add water, which also helps pull the minerals out of the bones. 

So, I’m still investigating the concept of cooking 24/7. I started with the stove and now have my broth cooking in the slow cooker though I’m not sure if my slow cooker is a bit too hot. This is probably the safer option. I’d like to know about the electricity costs for the slow cooker.

If anyone has any other tidbits to add, that would be GREAT! Now to see if this sticks.

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