When I Thumped Upon My Drum

written by the class


When I thumped upon my drum,

moody Mr Magpie made magnificent mud pies,

while busy budgie borrowed Bingo’s bananas before biting his brother,

and proper penguin planted particular pineapples.

Also an occupied octopus origamied an orangutang on the ocean until

finally, a giant goat greased a guarding gate and gave grace.


When I thumped upon my drum,

a blueberry bush blushed,

an Isuzu winked at the sun as the evening set,

the basement hid memories,

a lightbulb grew seeds and 

a walking stick pranced along the scrap yard.


When I thumped upon my drum,

dreamy white chocolate melted like cold ice,

an angry teapot steamed on the stove like a hot sauna,

a heroic knight danced the nay nay like Rick Ashley,

a great tower collapsed with an almighty thud like the falling twin towers and

a quiet lake whispered like the still wind.


After I packed up my drum kit,

I collected my old raggedy suitcase,

and found a rusty key that led me out to a silent serene space,

with its clouds trickling full of imagination.







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