Week 4 Information Report Writing Home Tasks

Week 4 Information Report Writing

This week we searched for key words in our model text. We used this key word hunting task to fill in some of our Boxing Up template, whilst attempting some paraphrasing.

Following this activity, we looked at some technical language and also ‘generalisers’ that are often used in report writing. 

The students undertook a short burst writing activity, ‘Mucking about with a sentence’. Here, they had to adapt and adjust a starting sentence by adding adjectives, moving the verb, making the sentence a compound sentence, using a generaliser in the sentence and adding in an alliteration. 

Thanks Hakim and Luke for bringing in your Arctic foxes. I have used Hakim’s procreate version this week for the feature image and Luke’s is located in the workshop gallery just below.

For reference:

Technical language: words that are used in a specific areas of study.  For information writing about animals, some of the technical language used might include: species, adaptations, habitat, diet, predators, mammal etc.

Generalisers: generalising words or phrases can be used to add additional information about how often or how many in non-fiction writing. (Wideo below)

Alliterations: The repetition of the first letter or sound within a group of words. It can be as simple as a two-word phrase like Bossy Barney or a collection like this, Sam seeks slimy snails slithering along the sand.

Compound Sentence: A sentence that has at lease two independent clauses. eg. He was tired, so he went to bed early. (Video below)

Workshop Gallery

Home tasks for this week:

  • Research the African elephant and fill in this template with paraphrased information.
  • Creating some sentences using generalisers – see the video below on generalisers. 
  • Diagram an African elephant: either fill in this sheet below or draw and label your own.
  • Optional: Draw an African elephant at this site ‘Art Projects for Kids‘. Bring in for the next workshop. If you like, I can add your creation to the website!

Some Videos to reinforce class learning





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