Week 1 Meeting Tale Notes 5-7

Welcome to the Year 5 – 7 Meeting Tale Notes

Each week (usually), workshop notes will be published on the website. The notes will include some detail on the activities undertaken in the workshop, sometimes images, student writing, home tasks and sometimes pdfs relevant to the workshop. Extra tasks and other suggested activities may also be included.

To kick start our class this week, we had a go at some playful writing. The thinking stimulus used to get us going was an image of an old wooden treasure chest.

The students were asked what might be in the treasure chest and a list began. Then the students were asked what would be impossible to have in the treasure chest. Their ideas were as follows:

Possible: gold coins, pussy cat, stuffed dog, paper aeroplane, jewels, rotten child, dagger, alien (depending on size), patch of grass, mice, arm, clay, chicken, water, teddies, security camera, door handle, smashed cups, crown, apple, clocks, magnet, rings, thermomix

Impossible: aeroplane, memories, sunsets, thunder, elephant, idea, car, universe, stars, galaxies, planets, Mars, fireplace, my sister’s pony named Bambi, Wialord, cow, tractor, time travel, Russia, helicopter, emotions, Buckingham Palace

A Treasure Box

Using the list of impossibilities, 7 items from the ‘impossible’ list were chosen and the following writing was co-constructed: 

In the box of impossibilities you will find:

a sunset of crimson gold,

a universe of shining bright chaos,

a loud tractor thundering sounds,

a Russian goat eating an American Elephant,

great thunder from down under,

my sister’s fast pony, Bambi and

a memory that quietly whispers the answers to all your questions.

Model Text – Poppy, Waldo and the Giant

  1. Here is the audio recording of this term’s writing model, ‘Poppy, Waldo and the Giant’. Listen to the audio as many times as you can to internalise the story.


Home Tasks

  1. Complete the ‘Giant Fact File’ and return to class next week for sharing with the class.
  2. Listen each day to the audio recording ‘Poppy, Waldo and the Giant’. The challenge is to internalise the story; know it super well. 
  1. Have an independent go at creating a box of impossibilities. You could use the ideas that were used from our list. Please share with the class if you do!
  2. Giant stuff: Read/watch the BFG by Roald Dahl, ‘The Selfish Giant‘ by Oscar Wilde, David and Goliath (short story video) and Jack and the Bean Stalk. 
  3. Giant Fact File pdf

Feature image attribution: Freepik Image here 

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