Top Caravan Gadget: Wireless Fridge Thermometer with 2 Transmitters

Don’t go away without one! Our wireless refrigerator thermometer gives us such peace of mind. It helps us to know that the fridge/freezer is keeping our food at safe temperatures. Nothing would be worse that to have your holiday ruined by food that has gone off. Keeping your temperatures at optimum levels is especially important when camping off grid. 

We purchased one online and it has been a great buy. It wasn’t too costly and made it easy to monitor the temperatures. We could then adjust the temperature accordingly. Food can also be moved about in the fridge to suit.

The thermometer comes with a main console that has a large easy to read LCD screen. It also has two sensor transmitters that can be placed on different shelves in the fridge. We vary where we put the sensors, sometimes putting one in the freezer and one in the fridge.

When we travel, we keep the main console in our car, to wirelessly keep an eye on how the fridge temperatures are going. You can also set min/max alarm values for the sensors and they will warn you by buzzing. I love it!

The sensors have a hook and a clip to attach to the fridge shelving and the console has a stand, a hanging hole and magnets. When we aren’t travelling, I attach the console to the microwave using the magnets.

You need 4 x AA batteries for the sensors and 2 x AAA batteries to run the console. I suggest you take out the batteries when you are not using it. 

Here is the link: Refrigerator Thermometer, Wireless with dual sensors  (They now also have the option of a black console)

For $30.00, this is one gadget you will want to have!

Here’s a useful Youtube video I came across that helps with programming the device. Wireless Fridge Review & Programming

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