The Swamp

Written by Hosanna

“Hosanna don’t go playing by the swamp,” her mum pleaded, “its dangerous, there are crocodiles lurking around the area!” Hosanna didn’t care. She needed to filmThe river she was talking about lay at the end of Lumpy Bog Road. Mud and moss lay on rocks and paths, making gooey sounds when the earth rotated. It was there she found the swampy river. Here, it was far from beautiful, damp and cold, piles of fallen leaves, and the river had floating moss almost weaving like a path. However, for Hosanna, it was a great place to film.

That afternoon, the wind blew harder. The pile of leaves flew around likes flocks of birds on an autumn day. Hosanna decided that was a cool space to film. She climbed a tree branch that grew all the way across the swamp and began to crawl to the middle of the branch with her camera swaying side to side, every time she moved. Awkwardly, she secured herself upside down on the branch to get a cool shot of the entire swamp. 

All of a sudden, the branch began to crack. Hosanna immediately hopped up onto the branch and attempted to crawl back. Sooner rather than later, the branch snapped and took Hosanna down with it. Unfortunately, she fell into the croc infested swamp. Suddenly, she noticed bubbles rising up to the top of the swamps water, then, out of the blue a crocodile popped up from the waters. Hosanna screamed and without hesitation started swimming as fast as she could. Along behind her was the hungry crocodile splashing and preparing itself to snap at her. 

Luckily she swam to the river bank and quickly dashed for the opened gate. Hosanna ran as fast as she could shutting the gate behind her, stopping the crocodile from following. She immediately ran home and met her mum at the dining table. Her mum eye’d the state of Hosannas drenched clothes. “So you had water dumped on you?” says her mum suspiciously. Hosanna nodded with her hair dripping. “Go get cleaned up!” she said with disbelief. Hosanna walked away creating puddles of water behind her.


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