The Old Asylum

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“Sydney, don’t go exploring over by the derelict asylum hospital,” her Dad warned sternly, “it’s dangerous and needs to be torn down before it falls down!” Sydney didn’t care. She always did her own thing.

The asylum hospital her Dad was talking about was a short bike ride across the train tracks at the end of Westhall Worth Road. Overgrown shrubs and out of control vines covered its old and run down exterior, and creaking sounds came from inside the asylum as the wind whipped though its insides.

It was there Sydney found a cool camp out space inside. The room she set up as her den was at the top of a flight of rickety stairs, the last door along the hallway. It had a great view. Debris and shattered glass was everywhere. Spiders, bugs and rats too. Despite this, Sydney found solace in this space. 

That afternoon, it was still and quiet and Sydney sat comfortably in the old asylum recliner listening to her favourite tunes. All of a sudden, there was a large crashing sound, creaking and cracks creeping across the walls in the den. Sydney sat upright, stopping her music. The ground beneath her groaned and shook as she froze in fear. She did not feel safe! At that moment, a large beam fell down behind her with a tremendous crash. Luckily, the exit to her den was still clear and she dashed out the door, sprinted down the hall and slid down the banister avoiding the broken stair treads whilst fleeing through the back door. 

Outside the building, Sydney ran as fast as she could back towards her home. As she fled, she glanced back at the asylum just as a large wrecking ball smashed into the walls of the den where she had just been. Sydney ran all that harder, running without stopping over the train tracks and all the way home bursting in through her front door.

Her father was surprised to see her in such a state. “It was that dumb magpie!” Sydney exclaimed. Her dad eyed her suspiciously, “Sure it was.” Shaking with regret and relief, Sydney retreated back to the safety of her room.

Student authors: Grace, Hosanna and Amy

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