My Pretty Land 예쁜땅

Written by Hosanna

예쁜땅 (Yeppeun Ytang)

The flowers before me towered over, they were colourful and pretty.

It is my entertainment land; a world of enjoyment and imagination.

In this world, I discovered: a flower meadow as tall as a two story house; a water kingdom, an earth kingdom, a fire kingdom and the air kingdom; a Cha Eun woo statue; a movie shooting for a kdrama; a stadium in the centre of the world, where stray kids were performing; a north water tribe sacred area that heals wounds.

As the sun rises, I watched as the flowers open their petals for a new day, their huge petals had sun shining through them making whatever was under it glow pink. I then made my way to the shooting of a new kdrama, I also was apart of it. As I was acting, I saw Appa, with Aang, Sokka, Katara and Toph. I waved to them as they flew past. After shooting, I walked past where they were setting up the concert for stray kids performing at dusk.

At night, I got for ready and rode my bike to the concert. I walked into the stadium and found my seat before shortly after stray kids came in stage and began performing. After the concert, everyone left. I got back onto my bike. I peddled, passing the tall flowers that slept. I found Aang and his friends having dinner and I joined them before heading home.

In the land of 예쁜땅, I would spend my days riding my bike around the lands. My afternoons, I would go fish with some mates and after, eat what we caught, cooking it over a fire. Whenever I felt like it, I would go for a boat ride and visit the air temple where I would fly on a bison and play air ball with Aang and the others. And sometimes, I would go to the glowing crystal apcave, for a pretty sight. If I was lucky, the crystals would chime, making beautiful music.

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