Moana and the Lava Monster

Written by Alyssa (Years 1 – 2 Workshop)

Once there was a girl called Moana. She was having breakfast with her Mum.

Suddenly, a volcano erupted and a creature came flying out. Moana’s mum said, “I wonder who that can be? It can’t be Hei Hei because he is playing with Pia in the story area. And it can’t be Grandma because she is on holiday.

Moana looked out the window, and there was a big, hot, lava monster. The monster said, “Excuse me, but I’m looking for the heart of Tefiti. Do you think I could have some help?” Moana’s mum said, “Of course, we can help.” So Moana and her Mum stepped outside to help him.

First, Moana gave him a paper map and his hands melted it. He still needed directions. Next, Moana walked with him to show him the directions but the ground was too hot for her feet. So he didn’t know where to go. After that, Moana told him the instructions.

Finally, the monster, Teka, had his directions and he went to the heart of Tefiti. Moana’s mum said, “How did he remember all the directions?” Just then Chief Tui came home and Moana shared all the stories. So Cheif Tui climbed up the mountain with his glider and Moana jumped off and showed Teka the directions.

In the morning, Moana went for a swim and after that she had a hot chocolate. Just then, Teka came by to say good bye. He had a map now. Moana never saw him again.

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