Jeremy and the Lunatic Principal Cruelman

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Once upon a time, there was a naughty delusional boy called Jeremy who attended the ‘Nerd Academy School’. Early one frosty morning, he woke up and began the drive to school. So, his chauffeur drove and he drove and he drove until he came to his school where his best friend, Steve, met him. Steve warned him, “Beware of the lunatic Principal Cruelman and stay out of his creepy office!”

The first time Jeremy looked into the office, he saw dark shadows itching! The second time Jeremy looked into the office, he heard suspicious munching crunching in the far corner! The third time Jeremy looked into the office, he saw an unexpected mountain of candy and empty wrappers!

After the lunch bell, Jeremy slipped into the dark office and took not one, not two but three handfuls of candy that crinkled like cracker packets opened beside a sleeping baby. Unfortunately, something else heard the crinkles! Something very sugar rushed! Something angered! It was the lunatic Principal Cruelman – with teeth as yellow as lemons and nails as sharp as shattered glass and eyes raging as fierce as a wild fire. He stumbled out from his corner, swaying and stomping and stepping madly towards Jeremy.

Jeremy screamed and he ran and he ran, speedily-trip, speedily-trip, with the principal stomping and swaying along behind him, grabbing and reaching out tearing at his school shirt. At that moment, the bell rang and the hallway was filled with children. Disappearing into the crowded hall, Jeremy hastily made his way to his awaiting car. As he sat, he opened up one of the candies, popped it in his mouth and violently spat it back out. The candy tasted so terribly unpleasant, leaving a burnt taste of bitterness and regret in Jeremy’s mouth.

Student authors: Grace, Hosanna, Marli, Myles and Luke

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