Bambi and the Wild Horse

Written by Aspen

The sun came up and Bambi hopped out of bed to go for a ride on her horse. She grabbed her stock saddle, bridle and tacked up her horse.

Bambi hopped on her horse and rode into the forest. At first, she felt the cold air and then her horse reared up. Bambi saw a glimpse of a chestnut face with a white blaze.

She was looking at the most magnificent mare she had seen in her life. Bambi looked away for a second and the horse had disappeared in a cloud of dust.

Bambi went to that same spot the next day but the horse wasn’t there. She looked for some hoof prints. Bambi looked everywhere but didn’t see any.

She was determined to find that horse again. She knew what to look for like hoof prints, poo and trampled grass.

She raced home packed her saddle bags and started looking for the horse

Bambi had been looking all night, she didn’t find anything. So she set up camp. But that night Bambi couldn’t sleep so she went outside to check on her horse, he was a bit stressed. Bambi looked behind her. She saw a horse rear up. Bambi had no idea if that was the same horse that she had seen before.

The next morning Bambi saw hoof prints. She followed them to see a mob of horses. She saw the chestnut horse tucked away at the back eating grass. Bambi’s horse stepped on a stick, and it made loud crack. All of the horses looked up and saw Bambi, so they galloped away.

Bambi chased after them. Galloping around them trying to slow them down. It felt like hours. They started to slow down and Bambi’s horse could catch up and pulled all of the horses to a stop. She saw the chestnut horse. Bambi managed to catch the horse. The horse was friendly for some reason. Bambi called her Leila. Bambi could not wait to go on adventures with Leila.


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