Pumping Along

So it’s been just over a year and a half since Noah got his groovy green Animas insulin pump. It has made life so much more easier for Noah and the family.

Noah’s first year of managing diabetes (aged 4 years old) was pretty tough. There were 8 – 10 finger prick checks a day which we still do, 2 – 3 needles per day and a very strict and rigid diet to adhere to. He got used to the finger pricks but he didn’t like the needles. The rigid diet was probably the hardest part of all. He had to eat at specific times and if an extra food item was offered in a day that had carbs (most foods), then it was pretty much out of the question for Noah.

I remember one time when we took a trip out to the shops late in the day. We decided to get McDonalds for the trip home which was not that simple. I did have to have prepare his insulin injection in the car and then Noah had to stand up in the car, pull down his dacks and get his needle in his bottom. This was a bit of an awkward endeavor and could you imagine if someone was wandering by our car looking in!! Hmmmmm …

So, February 2010 came and Noah, visited the wonderful diabetes team at 

PMH (Princess Margaret Hospital) in order to get hooked up to his new insulin pump. The pump’s cost was fully covered by our health fund and once Noah was attached to his pump and it was all working well, we were off for a new more flexible life. It was a bit challenging at first getting used to using a pump but there was always a diabetes educator or nurse just a phone call away for any assistance. 

We’re pretty much used to using the insulin pump now. There’s only one needle involved every three days with the pump and if extra food items are offered in a day, it’s not a problem. The insulin pump has been such a blessing to us and we are very thankful for it. And of course we think Noah is such a little champion having to cope with it all, our pumping son.


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