iBG Star: Diabetes meet iPhone/iPod technology


It’s arrived!

We were thrilled to come across the iBG Star. One of our big issues as a family of four young children was keeping decent records of Noah’s diabetes readings. We use Apple Macs at home as well as iPhones so to have a device that so easily integrates with the current mobile technology was wonderful.

Noah has an ipod touch which he uses it with. We purchased the case that fits both the ipod and iBG Star blood glucose monitor for him to use when not at school. When he goes to school, he just uses the BG monitor which is quite compact for a BG monitor.

We receive weekly reports of his readings and have been able to make adjustments much more easily. The strips as covered by NDSS and can also be bought from some Chemists. We order ours through Diabetes WA online shop. The actual kit was bought online directly from iBG Star Australia.

The only downs for us in using the iBG Star is that there are no key tone strips as we had with the Optium BG monitor and the BG strips come in a canister which isn’t greatly suited to children who quite easily drop things.

Overall, we really love our new iBG Star!


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