We have four eggs for four chickens

So, we have finally reached a chicken milestone … we have collected four eggs in a single day for each of our four chickens. We are at the 22 week mark and love going to check to see how many eggs there are for us to collect. Isaiah runs off to check at about 9am and has been coming back with one – two eggs. He then goes again a bit later and brings back another egg. We had four one day earlier this week and today we again checked, but at the end of the day to find four lovely eggs waiting for us in the nesting boxes. 

The eggs we have been getting have been on the small side which is apparently normal. We have occasionally collected a larger egg. I’m just assuming they are warming up for the big ones. The Australorps are meant to lay large eggs so we will be expecting our lovely ladies to deliver larger results soon enough.

I’m having to train the boys and myself to collect the eggs in a container as we have had a few broken from little hands grasping them too tightly. I also need to make sure they go straight in the fridge in the egg cups other wise they end up like this one to the right. The other job we need to keep onto is making sure that there is straw in their nesting boxes to prevent cracked eggs. We put straw in but the chickens scratch at it and the nesting boxes end up strawless. We should end up with about 28 eggs a week which means eggs on toast, egg sandwiches, frittata, quiche, BLT’s with egg and baking galore. Wonderful!!

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