Thrifty Thieves Laundry Soap Hack

I love quality products, but I do not like paying a fortune for them. Who does! I used to use the more natural, earth friendly laundry powder I could find at my local Woolworths. It was convenient.

I have also used soap nuts which are really cost effective and natural. You can read about them here. The rest of the family; however, were not fans of using soap nuts.

My mother began using Young Living products and raved about the laundry powder. I wasn’t too pleased about the cost for the laundry soap given the amount of washing this family of 6 creates and needs to process. And then I learnt about how you can dilute the highly concentrated Young Living Thieves Laundry soap and save $!

The recipe calls for adding extra essential oils, though this is optional and will depend on how much of a scent you like your clothes to have. I haven’t decided on a favourite combination yet, but I have tried combinations of the following oils; tea tree oil, eucalyptus, any citrus oils , more thieves and/or lavender to my bottles. 

The other hack I use is repurposing 1 Litre pump bottles I have. It’s a bit of a pain to remove the label, but then I don’t have to buy new ones. I then peel off the label on the Thieves Laundry Soap bottle and use for my pump bottles.

I prefer using the pump bottle for adding soap to my washing tub, as it’s so much easier that using a cap and waiting til it pours out. Winning! 

Now for washing, you will want to vary the amount of pumps for each washing depending on how big your load is and also how dirty it is.

To learn more about using natural Essential Oils in your home, visit my mum’s website, Kind Woman Crazy Lady Oils page.

Young Living Thieves Laundry $ Saving Recipe

Stretch out your bottle of Thieves laundry soap into x3 pump bottles.
Servings: 3 1 Litre Pump Bottles


  • 3 x 1 Litre pump bottles
  • Funnel
  • Scale to measure


  • 315 ml Thieves laundry soap
  • 30 ml Thieves household cleaner roughly 2.5 caps or just round to 3 caps
  • Distilled water
  • 20 - 30 drops Essential oils optional


  • Grab all your supplies.
  • Into each 1 litre pump bottle pour, using a funnel (or not), approximately 315ml of Theives laundry soap. Use a scale to measure the amount needed.
  • Add 30ml or 2.5 - 3 capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner into each pump bottle. 30ml/2.5 capfuls is about 1 oz.
  • Add prefered essential oils to each bottle (optional).
  • Top up with distilled water and combine.


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