Mornington Modular Couch, Furniture Gallery Review

We got a comfy and contempory new couch!! It’s so very exciting to finally get a couch that suits your space. And did I mention how comfortable this couch is!

We purchased this couch from Furniture Gallery. This furniture shop is a Perth owned and operated company with two showrooms, located in Osborne Park and Cockburn. Their website has been under development for a long time and is not great. There are catalogues you can view; however, I am having trouble locating how to view them this time around. Having access to online information is great when comparing couches and furniture pieces, so you can size them up and imagine them in the correct spaces. 

I had been into Furniture Gallery a few times over the years and found their lounges to be quite lovely. They have a good selection of lounges, though the colour range is often limited. One lounge in particular that caught my eye was their Ultimate Sofa, the Cloud. It’s beautiful, made with 100% goose feathers, has a lifetime warranty, has covers that can easily come off to wash and modular so super flexible. The only issue with this couch is COLOUR! It’s a cream colour and just not suited to family life.   

So, moving on, meet the Mornington couch … also modular, has goose feathers and is a beautiful shade of grey that just suits our space. Mr Cheney loved this one more than the Cloud, in terms of personal comfort that related to seat depth. This couch was not as deep as the Mornington and gave better back support.

There was a little bit of a wait for our couch purchase, and we opted to go collect the couch when it was ready. The couch was boxed and wrapped very well in its individual pieces upon collection. Each piece was fairly lightweight and easy enough to move about. 

The individual modular pieces fit together with plastic prongs and this seems to the job. All the cushion covers can be removed for washing and the fabric itself is soft and comfortable. 

There were quite a lot of loose threads that needed removing from the couch which I would not have expected from a quality perspective. So this is a small complaint.

In terms of comfort, we are loving this couch and spending a lot more time just chilling together in this space. So tick, tick and tick! I expect from time to time that the cushions will need fluffing up but haven’t needed to do so a month in. 

Came across this link on their website where you can check it out – Mornington Modular Couch

In order to keep this couch looking great, I decided to investigate a natural fabric protection treatment. I will do a write up on what I used and include the link below. 


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