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This past January, I booked Noah into a two week Vacswim session down at Doddies Beach, Mandurah. It’s amazing value at $1/day for swimming instruction. If you do the Vacswim at a swimming centre you need to add the cost of the pool entry as well. We were keen on the beach option since we live right near the beach and it only cost us $10 for two weeks of great Auswim trained swimming instruction.

You can find more information about Vacswim on the Depatment of Education website. This is the link for the Western Australian site.

We were able to book our swimming classes in with some homeschooling friends which also made it all that much more fun. The other great thing for us this time around was that the young fellow who took Noah’s class was also very familiar with diabetes as his own brother was a diabetic and pump user. This was comforting for me!

Noah really enjoyed the swimming lessons and my other two enjoyed sand play and paddling. We cant wait for next year’s Vacswim!


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  1. Hello just wondering if you can help to find how to enrol for dotties beach swimming lessons Thankyou trish I’m new to mandurah

    1. Hi there:)

      Follow this link … and then click on ‘Enrol Now’. The different programs come up and you just choose one of programs that suits you and select ‘Enrol’. The next screen is where you select your venue and fill in all the details. You are after Mandurah Doddies Beach. We actually did the program at Palm Beach in Rockingham last year and will continue here as it better suits us with friends that join us from Kwinana. Hope you’re able to work it out from there. All the best.

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