The Miswak Toothbrush Trial

So, the much anticipated eco friendly twig toothbrush came in the post. It took a little bit longer than expected, but then it had been opened by customs. They too must have been intrigued by this twig toothbrush and just needed to check it out. Noah was the most excited by the arrival of the Miswak toothbrush and promptly took one to school to show his classmates.

Anyways, in order to get brushing with this toothbrush, I firstly had to peel back the outer layer of bark. I had to use a knife to do this and then I had to chew the end a bit to get some bristles happening. This process was a bit of a strange experience especially getting used to the odd smell and little bits of the stick that were coming away from the toothbrush into my mouth. There was a bit of spitting and rinsing of my mouth. I didn’t want to be too precious about it all so I persisted now that I had bristles on the end of the toothbrush and then had a go at brushing my teeth. It was again a strange experience and a bit challenging at getting in behind the front teeth and getting those back molars. I suppose with time, you’d get the knack of it. Now, you’re not meant to use toothpaste when you brush and after I had finished brushing with this twiggy thingy, my teeth actually felt clean and fresh. You kind of get used to the smell and I wouldn’t say it was unpleasant, just unfamiliar. Though, it was all a bit unusual using the Miswak, I determined to give it a go for a full week.

After about a week of using the Miswak, I would concede that it does what I had researched. Your teeth do feel clean and fresh after using this strange twig. I suppose, I may keep my Miswak on hand to use occasionally, but I don’t really like how the bristles end up in my mouth while I’m brushing my teeth. If I lived way back when that was my only choice then I suppose I’d be used to rougher tougher ways, with floaty bits of twig hanging around in your mouth.

I’m planning on ordering some bamboo toothbrushes next and I’ll let you know how that goes. Noah actually likes using it and has been using it regularly. Matt has not even tried the twig and probably will not. I’ll give him a bamboo toothbrush when they arrive and he’ll be doing his part for the environment at the will of his conscientious wife:)

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