We have an egg!!

There was a bit of excitement in our ‘Bush Patch’ yesterday. Our Australorp girls were set to reach the 20 week mark this coming week. We were expecting that soon after this milestone, we would start to see some free range eggs. I went to feed them yesterday afternoon and just glanced up at the nesting boxes to find … AN EGG!!! I was immedietly excited and went around to the nesting box to retrieve our first egg. The egg itself was quite small but ‘perty’ indeed. 

Apparently, the first egg is on the smaller side so we should see much larger eggs start popping out over the next few weeks. The Australorps are known for their excellent laying capacity of large light brown eggs. We’ll be well stocked in the egg department soon enough. Noah was the lucky one to enjoy our first free range egg for breakfast this morning. The egg though small still had a large yolk and was a brighter orange than my mum’s Hy-Line chook eggs. Free range Aussie chooks in our backyard is just marvelous! I cant wait to go look today to see if there are some more eggs!

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